2011. december 4., vasárnap

Korai Mikulás /Early Santa

Sajnos csak ilyen későn jutottam ide, hogy megírjam a mai bejegyzést. Úgy gondoltam hozok Nektek egy korai Mikulást.
A nagyujjam más mintát kapott, az a Mikulás hasát szimbolizálja:) Remélem tetszik:)

Unfortunately I got here late to write this post. I found out to give an early  present for December 6th. In Hungary, according to catholic religion comes on 5th-6th of December, brings presents for those who were good in whole year. The kids put their clean boots on the shelf of the window, and go to sleep. In the morning there are some sweets, gifts in their boots. This is the same Santa Claus who is coming on Christmas in other countries. At us, on Christmas we remember the birth of Jesus Christ. 
My thumb is different, symbolises Santa's belly :)
Hope you like this mani:)

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